November 2022

This week is Consent Week, your chance to learn about consent via our resources and Consent Matters programme.

Brook, the sexual health and wellbeing charity, defines consent as agreeing to do something. When it comes to sex, this means agreeing to have sex or engage in sexual activity. Sex without consent is rape – the law is clear on that – and with a 2021 survey illustrating just how disproportionately students are affected by sexual violence, we believe it is essential you’ve got access to the tools and information that will help you build your knowledge and confidence in navigating situations where consent is required.

Throughout the week, the University and RUSU are highlighting the importance of ‘asking first, every time’ through a series of articles and videos, featuring University of Reading students, like you.

We’re also launching our Consent Matters programme. Talking about sex can be difficult, so through the programme, you’ll learn how to recognise and ask for sexual consent, look out for others, and find support if it’s needed. We expect you to complete the Consent Matters programme consisting of three modules. The course is all online, so you can work through it privately and at your own pace.

The programme covers:
  • Module 1: Thinking about consent. Defining what consent is & why it is important. How to understand when consent has or has not been given.
  • Module 2: Communication skills and relationships. Considering your boundaries and communicating those with your partner. How to recognise other peoples’ boundaries.
  • Module 3: Looking out for others. How and when to safely intervene if you see behaviours that make you uncomfortable or situations where consent has not been given.
How to register:
  1. Register on the Epigeum website
  2. Current staff and students: please register with your or email address. Applicants: please register with the email you used as part of your application, alternatively you can use any email address.
  3. Use the University of Reading token code 594a01c4 in the token code field. When registering please enter your Reading ID (8 digits) into the box titled ‘Institution-specific' field.
  4. Activate your account. You’ll be sent an account activation email to the email you registered with. You’ll need to activate your account by clicking the link in your email. If the activation email doesn’t show up check your SPAM/junk mail. You can also resend the activation email.
  5. When you’ve activated your account, login using your chosen username and password combination. To see the Consent Matters course go to 'My Courses'.
  6. Click on the Consent Matters course and choose one of the three modules. The course will work best if you do the modules in the right order, 1 - 3. There are some questions at the end of each module to check what you have learnt.
  7. Once a module has been successfully completed, you will be able to download your unique certificate of completion. A course completion certificate is also available once all three modules have been completed.
Make sure you are following Student Life for all the content throughout the week.


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